• I have coached Tom since the beginning of his career and I continue to do so. In my opinion Tom is a talented and ambitious individual and shows the level of dedication and drive to succeed in his chosen field of dressage. The above said, Tom has always remained open minded and empathic towards his horses and shows a good understanding of correct training. I am proud to be part of Tom's successes and would not hesitate to recommend him.

    Harry Payne
  • I started training with Tom in summer 2012, encouraged by the British Dressage Regional Training Sessions.

    Tom gives me a good logical framework to work within, so that in between lessons I can continue to make progress in a constructive way. He has helped me formulate a training & competition plan in order to make the most of each of my horses talents and I have exceeded previous expectations of what I thought we were capable of - everything seems more achievable!

    Tom’s sense of humour & candour ensure that even in the depth of winter, when he is prepared to teach you late in the evenings, you remain motivated and above all else, enjoy yourself.

    Catherine Tristram
  • I started training with Tom Graham in May 2010, after major spinal surgery which had badly affected my confidence. Tom really understands me and my horse and is helping us progress steadily through the scales of training. He knows exactly how to far he can push us to get the best out of us, and his day-before test riding ‘pace notes’ lessons are invaluable in gaining those precious extra marks. I would have no hesitation recommending him.

    Victoria Cross
  • I have been training with Tom for a few years and would highly recommend him. He is an excellent trainer who instils confidence in his students whilst helping them to achieve their goals and progress no matter what their level. He understands the needs of each combination of horse and rider and can tailor his teaching to suit what will work best for them, from my very first lesson he just seemed to 'get' me and my mare which was fantastic, and he has adapted equally fast to my new horse earlier in the year. Tom's lessons are focused but fun meaning you really walk away smiling, feeling like you achieved something, and have new ideas to work on. Tom is a supportive coach who really seems to take great pride and joy in the progression and successes of his students (and their horses!).

    Jess Hamish Wilson
  • I started working with Tom to see if he could help me re-train my 6 yr old ex-racehorse to become a normal riding or even competition horse. Within 2 months I had competed at my first unaffiliated dressage competition at Addington, I had never competed before that show, but with Tom’s belief in myself and my horse, I got the dressage bug! Within 5 months of being affiliated we have qualified for the National Pet Plan Championships, and the winter Regionals, all at novice! We have since won points at elementary, and have started the medium work. I can’t explain what an amazing journey we have been on since we started training with Tom. I could have never imagined so many achievements in so little time, especially with an ex-race horse. Tom has a gift when it comes to horses and he treats every horse and rider as individuals. He is an incredible trainer who helps you see that anything is possible, and supports you every step of the way. I would recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a driven, motivated and exceptionally capable rider and coach to train with.

    Helen Wyatt
  • In 2012 I signed up for some Central Region BD training sessions with Tom Graham and we have never looked back. Tom has been absolutely brilliant in being able to develop greater submission and suppleness of an established horse in a sympathetic manner. Tom has an excellent attention to detail for the rider’s position, aids and ultimate understanding of what they wish to achieve. The results have been fantastic; we won both Advanced Medium tests at the Inter-Regional competition and have progressed to riding our first Prix St Georges test recently. If you have the determination to succeed then come and train with Tom.

    Sarah Loveday Lovell
  • Tom has transformed my riding and competing. Five months ago my horse was behaving like a hooligan and we had lost trust in each other. With Tom's help we rebuilt the trust, moved up from novice to elementary, and began to regularly to go out competing on our own and to have success that I have only ever dreamed of before! I would not have believed that we could have come so far in such a short stretch of time and it is really down to Tom's teaching and support. I have seen Tom teaching people of all ages and horses of many different types and he seems able to get the best out of all sorts of horses and riders. He sees what each horse needs and encourages us riders to go beyond what we think we can do. He is perceptive and exacting (without being scary!) and his lessons are always fun. Outside of lessons he extremely supportive and has gone the extra mile with help and advice.

    If anyone is keen to improve and learn, or is having issues with their horse, I could not recommend him highly enough.

    Felicity Earnest
  • Tom has been a huge influence and benefit to the Bicester and Warden Hill Pony Club members over the past 3-4 years. His appreciation of both rider and pony ability and potential combined with a direct and honest coaching style have seen impressive results. Not only have competitive achievements been significant but so too has the way of riding and how our riders go about it. I know my own daughter rates Tom as the "trainer that has made the difference!

    Katharine White
    Dressage Team Manager and Dressage Rally organiser
    Bicester and Warden Hill Pony Club
  • Tom has been my dressage trainer for over 3 years. In that time we have worked through from Prelim to Medium BD, on horses from 3 yrs old to 10 years old, with outstanding results, not bad for an event rider with short legs! In British Eventing Tom has helped me move from low 30 scores to consistent mid 20 scores in Novice, even achieving a 15.8 ( 5 9's and a 10!) and a 19 dressage score at BE100.

    Tom quickly understood what I needed to improve in both my personal and horses training and has the ability to inspire me to work harder whilst keeping the fun element alive. Tom is able to deliver great results.

    Trudy Johnson